Lords of the Air

I am having a solo exhibit of portraits and field sketches of birds of prey at the Gilslsand Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth, Maine. There’s an opening reception Thurs May 21st from 5-7, and the show runs through June 26th. I’ll also be sketching live birds at LL Bean on Sat the 22nd at 1pm as part of their birding weekend.bald eagle

Voices of the Wilderness- Glacier Bay!

I just learned I’ve been selected to be this year’s artist in residence at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. I’ll be there for 2 weeks in late July/early August, working with research scientists to observe and record through my art how different species adapt to the shifting climate of Glacier Bay. This is an amazing honor and I’m humbled to be chosen for this opportunity. 22 years ago my wife Linda and I spent a week kayaking in Glacier Bay, where we got engaged.

Voices for the Wilderness program

glacier bay


UNE art show in celebration of the Art of Katahdin book

The University of New England Gallery is hosting a show of paintings featured in the new Art of Katahdin book. I have 2 paintings in the show, Sleeping Giant and Cloud Gatherer, hanging with the likes of  Marsden Hartley, James Fitzgerald and Carl Sprinchorn. The show runs through Oct 27th, and has gotten a great review in the Sunday arts section: including very positive mentions of both my pieces!

the root of the problem…

More sketchbook images.  I find myself drawn (literally) to the root system of trees; the crazy organic shapes and interconnectedness of the way trees attach themselves to the earth.  And the way they decompose, the mosses. lichens and fungi that assist that process. It’s fascinating to think about trees shaping their roots around rocks and wedging those rocks apart over time.  There are plenty of painting ideas in this theme (Entwined is a great example) and I’m looking forward to working these out as the snow flies…

spruce roots pencil sketch
spruce roots pencil sketch
mossy log watercolor sketch

decaying stump ebony pencil sketch
decaying stump ebony pencil sketch