Wild places and the wild creatures that inhabit them are the wellspring of my creativity and inspiration. I am so fortunate to be able to spend time making art in these places. Working loose and fast, I try to capture the essence of a wildlife encounter by sketching in my field journal, using drawing to help me understand what I am seeing. These graphite and watercolor images become notes for my experience and aid with a connection to the greater landscape. They are also seeds that may germinate into more finished studio work.   It was such an honor to be chosen as the Voices of the Wilderness artist in residence for Arctic Refuge last year. The opportunity to be involved in scientific field work in a place I’ve longed to visit for decades was the one of the great highlights of my artistic career.  Working with the USF&W ornithologists to collect data on the migrating birds of the coastal plain opened my eyes to the importance of their tundra habitat, and how their movement connects so many places to the wonder of Arctic Refuge. Each of my paintings here are inspired by my time on the tundra. It is my hope that my art can help people build a connection to these birds, and motivate folks to care about the lands they inhabit.

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