Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

This photo of George Schaller, wildlife conservationist, biologist, author and my personal hero (just google him) has been my desktop screen saver for the past 2 years. He is overlooking Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at the very top of Alaska; a protected piece of land the size of Connecticut, one of the last fully intact ecosystems in the world. This place is home to muskox and wolves, grizzlies and polar bears, breeding ground for countless migratory birds and range of the 400,000 caribou Porcupine herd. It’s called the American Serengeti. Through the Voices of the Wilderness artist residency program I will be going there this June, spending a couple weeks on the coastal plain at the Canning River bird camp observing the breeding birds of the arctic. I am humbled and honored for this amazing opportunity, keep checking see updates on my adventure!